Future value

A timeless investment

There is and always will be only one Cantonments. 

The investor mindset

Properties and buy-to-let

Our years of experience enable us to offer enviable homes for under-market prices. The Pavilion’s spacious sizes, luxury amenities, services and reasonably low prices represent exceptional value for money making it an excellent investment, especially when it comes to future asset appreciation

Buy-to-let starts with a compelling product in a very desirable neighborhood, but equally important is the furnishing and services, as these complete the experience. Six months prior to completion, we offer all buyers a very competitively priced furniture package that makes it easy and efficient to turn your new apartment into a dividend-earner.

And with our on-site rental management team, we will help you find tenants, care for them and maintain your apartment so that it remains desirable for years to come.

For old and young

Invest to own

For those of you who are excited about purchasing, but concerned about how to make it happen, we also offer the opportunity to invest to own, a special contractual arrangement that will help you avoid a mortgage, giving you the flexibility to earn and pay.

To learn more, give us a call or come see us in person. We look forward to telling you more about this special opportunity.

For the long term

Longest warranties in Ghana

The Pavilion has been designed to last for generations. From the foundation to the 100% solid walls utilized throughout, this is a home where what you don’t see is perhaps even more impressive than what you do see.

Like all of our developments, the Pavilion comes with a ten-year 100% structural warranty and a five-year 100% warranty on waterproofing and leakages – these are Ghana’s longest warranties by a factor of 5-10x. If you’re going to be with us for the long-term, shouldn’t we be right there with you?